Sensual Adventures - The Game DLC (Android & Browser)

Sensual Adventures - The Game DLC (Android & Browser)

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Product number: SW10015
Product information "Sensual Adventures - The Game DLC (Android & Browser)"
Customize the girls of Sensual Adventures: The Game!
With Puppetmaster's new Customization DLC you can dress Brittany and Trinity in a variety of different outfits, change their hair color and make-up, adjust their fitness (soft or hard body), or change them into no-balls futanari. The DLC allows for over 180+ options for the girls, and the outfits are usable in both quick play and story mode.

Outfits include a variety of lingerie like stockings, garters belts, and corsets, as well as fetish style cat suits. Sexy gym clothes, bunny costumes, and other fun clothes are available, as well as facial and nipple piercings, chokers, and a blindfold.

If you loved Sensual Adventures: The Game but want to add a little flair to your next replay grab this DLC today!

What's Included:
    • 180+ Options total!
    • Balls/no balls option
    • Fitness strength slider
    • Veins on Dick strength slider
    • Colour picker for Skin, Hair, Eyes, Lips
    • And much more!
    Important: in order to play the DLC you need to own the Sensual Adventures - The Game base game!