Puppetmaster Shortclips - Volume 1

Puppetmaster Shortclips - Volume 1

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Product number: SW10013
Product information "Puppetmaster Shortclips - Volume 1 "
Puppetmaster's produced a -lot- of Sensual Adventures over the years, and has released for us a first bundle of short clips that have come, or been inspired by, their works to date.

There's 8 clips of Brittany on her own, 1 threesome dickgirl clip, and 12 clips of Brittany and Trinity getting dirty, including mutual penetration!

And then there's the VR clips! These 7 clips include both solo Brittany action and Trinity on Brittany fun. In total, the 28 clips amount to over 45 minutes of animation.

That's a lot of sensual fucking.

What's Included

  • 45:21 mins high-quality compilation video in MP4 format
  • 21 normal + 7 VR high-quality individual clips in MP4 format
There is a 2nd Volume also from Puppetmaster => LINK